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It doesn’t get better than this.

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Unintelligent Book Reviews


I can’t review books in a manner that writers and reviewers usually do, peeling the layers, trying to understand the complexities and staring at the distance marvelling at the writer’s genius and their own. I finish the book or I don’t. I like the books that I finish. Three of my recent reads were Saltwater […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!


I know we only talk about how my eating habits have gone to the dogs, how the maid is ripping me off, how I look old and have lost tons of weight, but you’re pretty awesome! Happy Mother’s Day!   

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Pihu Malhotra, Till the Last Breath


Sometimes, she felt suffocated. She wanted to crib and cry and shout at how unfair it was. But she couldn’t, because it wasn’t just she who was suffering. Her suffering would end with her last breath while her parents’ would just start.

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“Conflicts keep a relationship alive and throbbing. Fight out your battles for it will only make your relationship stronger!”

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What’s sexy according to me?


(written for Grazia 6th anniversary issue) For years people, women mostly, have tried to pin down what sexy really means, to tailor themselves accordingly. Sexy was also reserved for gyrating women on screen – and Beyoncé. She defined sexy for a long time, before we all collectively realised that there was only one of her […]

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