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Someone Like You

The hum of a motorbike. The uproar of the crowd in the stadium. The cheering and clapping. All fell silent.Just the thumping of their hearts remained and a question—were they going to lose him?

Thanks to the makeover by her sister’s friends, the nerdy Niharika entered college more confident, more attractive. She met the sweet, shy Tanmay, and the spoilt but lovely Pia and they became best friends. And when Akshat and I began dating again, she felt her life was finally falling in place.

Except that it wasn’t…

Tanmay’s success in college football team had begun to change him in ways that they found difficult to stop. Akshay’s perfection seemedlike a front to something dark and sinister. And Karthik? His repulsive, rogue demeanor harbored a past that made him the way he was.

Someone Like You is a powerful and touching story of friendship, love and betrayal.