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I can’t review books in a manner that writers and reviewers usually do, peeling the layers, trying to understand the complexities and staring at the distance marvelling at the writer’s genius and their own. I finish the book or I don’t. I like the books that I finish. Three of my recent reads were Saltwater by Shrey, The Last Word by Hanif Qureshi and Family Life by Akhil Sharma. I finished all three of them.

Saltwater by Shrey

I picked Saltwater because it was written by one of my fellow authors of Metro Reads. No, that’s a lie. I picked it up because the author had sold the German rights of the book for a considerable advance and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. In all sincerity I picked up the book in contempt, wanting not to like it (I met the author and he’s a nice guy). But the book was so good I hated it with a vengeance and then I loved it with the same intensity. It’s a very elitist story which a lot of rich, decadent kids would identify with, but it’s also a story you can enjoy as an outsider. In a way that you would enjoy reading American Psycho, wanting to be there, all fucked up. The best part of the book was you could leave the book for a week and then pick up and find yourself immediately drawn to the world of Rishi, the main protagonist.

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The Last Word by Hanif Qureshi



I picked it up because it had a fancy cover and a writer who had lost all his wealth in some scam. So that’s that. Also I had heard the name before. It’s been a couple of weeks since I finished it and I’m not really sure why I liked it, but I do remember wanting to pick up the writer’s earlier work. And picked up The Buddha of Suburbia and couldn’t finish it (not saying it was a bad book). This Last Word is about an old, accomplished author who had swindled away all his money. In walks a young writer commissioned to pen down his story. What follows is love-hate relationship between the two writers which is enjoyable at times. The best part was wanting to read more of him.

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Family Life by Akhil Sharma



I picked up the book predominantly because someone told me that the writer had spent nine (or was it twelve) years writing the book, and since the book was only 228 pages long, I guessed the book would have mad writing chops. And it did. Finished in a sitting. It was crushing to say the least. It was real. “Real”, possibly the most used word in the book. I felt like I was in there, watching everything as it unfolded, which was quite amazing. I’m sure I would have missed many details in the book that others might have discovered and passionately debated about. So read the book to find your reasons to love the book.

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P.S. – No one edits these rants. So apologies.

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